Trailer Park Justice for Americans...and Illegals
 by Terry Graham (May 2, 2007)
Another illegal alien with a long history of drunk
driving kills two young Americans, and as usual, the
Mayor, so called law enforcement officers and other
pathetic public servants tell outraged Citizens that
“only Feds can enforce immigration laws” (a lie).
Then, they claim that if they ask the immigration
status of suspicious lawbreaking “residents", many
illegals would “fear” cooperating in criminal
investigations of their fellow lawbreaking
border-jumping illegals.
Public servants often flank themselves with this
fear-factor fallacy, so that illegals now control many
American cities, roadways, shopping malls, beaches and
parks. And illegals daily flaunt their fearlessness,
breaking our laws with impunity and immunity. (May 1
demonstrations by millions of illegal aliens make that
Many Americans now realize that either we -- not the
illegals -- live in fear of the lawless acts of
foreign nationals -- and rogue public servants -- or
we will do the jobs that many elected/appointed
leaders, law enforcement, and judges will not: Protect
ourselves by enforcing our laws.
Arrogant bureaucrats treat us Citizens as criminals as
they blatantly breach their oaths of office, laws and
Constitutional mandates. Rogue cops, Police
Chiefs/Sheriffs, Commissioners, Mayors, Governors,
Homeland Security, DOJ, FBI, ICE, judges and even the
President increasingly put us at risk of being
victimized by out-of-control illegals.
What’s the answer? Consider what one neighborhood did.
Trailer Park Justice For Americans....and Illegals.
Nearly 10 years ago, I lived in a blue-collar trailer
park in a small town several hours from a major
metropolitan area. I soon found that the town was
teeming with illegals, arriving via a nearby major
interstate highway. Drug runners, gangs, human
smugglers, drunk drivers and generally undesirable
foreigners used that highway to move their illegal
wares. Hiding out in quiet areas like my neighborhood
kept them below radar.
Half of my neighbors were decent, hardworking or
retired Americans who took pride in their homes. The
other half were Spanish-speakers with quite different
‘lifestyles.” During weekend drinking sprees, they’d
toss beer bottles onto their lawns and our street.
Cars blaring campesino music or gangsta rap arrived
around the clock. Unsupervised toddlers wandered the
neighborhood alone, often taking the private road to a
busy street one-half block away. A large “Taco Truck”
parked on the street carried food prepared in a tiny
trailer sporting sheets for curtains, and home to
dirty, diapered anchor babies, with no health
department oversight. Each morning, the truck barreled
out to sell what we believed was contaminated food to
unsuspecting locals. (We expected an outbreak of
Hepatitis A, e coli or worse.) As a trailer would come
up for sale, another load of Mexican nationals -- with
similar habits -- moved in and things got worse.
One morning, I was talking to my 50ish Vietnam Vet
neighbor who told me that the disabled Vet living down
the street had called the local police to report yet
another late night ruckus coming from a “Latino”
trailer. Housebound, yet observant, he called the
police regularly as he witnessed various incidents
involving these bad neighbors. The cop responding to
his last complaint called my good neighbor a “racist”
and threatened to investigate him if he contacted the
police again to report anything relating to these
“Latino” scofflaws.
Clearly, we law-abiding Americans had a problem. Our
“Latino” neighbors were likely illegal aliens breaking
local occupancy and health codes, endangering their
children, and constantly littering. We believed these
folks were capable of creating a dangerous situation
for us at any time. Now, we knew the cops didn’t want
to be bothered with our concerns and complaints, and
would turn on us for being vigilant.
Truthfully, given the threats that cop made to our
fellow Citizen-Vet, we Americans feared the police. In
stark contrast, the illegals were carefree, violating
laws and destroying our neighborhood with the cops’
So right there, my neighbor and I agreed that we and
other armed American neighbors would protect, defend
and otherwise assist each other should the need arise.
Local cops, if/when they came on the scene, would get
as much cooperation from us as we were getting from
Our Trailer Park Posse now in place, we understood
that justice would prevail without interference from
unscrupulous, deadbeat cops.
I have no doubt that grassroots, neighborhood posses
are quietly, spontaneously forming everywhere,
invisible to “our” government. Good Americans will
follow and enforce laws that traitors, uniformed cops
and judges won’t. After all, as the Constitution says,
WE THE PEOPLE are the government and our Constitution
and Bill of Rights belong to us. When those paid by us
to enforce the laws operate outside of the law, they
forfeit all authority over Sovereign Citizens. We have
a duty to resist and, ultimately, overturn traitors.
Fact is, many a patriot has a list of traitors engaged
in behaviors that are fast destroying our Republic,
empowering illegals at the expense of Citizens and our
Republic. I first discovered that others maintain
their own lists during a conversation with an activist
on a quiet beach, when she mentioned hers. Since then,
scores of friends and strangers alike have mentioned
their lists. Lists typically include kingpins in the
open-borders movements and tend to be local versus
national. Lists focus upon individuals who are
destroying legally established systems that maintain
Citizens' power, and those who waste our time
promising legal remedies with no, or bad results for
us. This includes public servants, private
individuals, and everything in between.
What fate awaits the listees? Look to American history
and that of other oppressed peoples who seek to take
back their nations when all other options fail.
© 2007 Terry Graham
Permission is granted to reproduce this article as is,
with proper attribution. Any other usage, without
written permission by Terry Graham, violates copyright
law. Terry, an American Citizen, was assaulted by a
Mexican national (permanent resident alien) while
participating in a public forum on immigration
sponsored by First Data Corporation/Western Union in
Denver on July 22, 2004. She can be reached at