Los Angeles Civil Rights Activist Ted Hayes Arrested!

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Ted Hayes                            The Opposition                            Choose Black America!

Photos courtesy of Borderwatch on SOS

On Saturday, June 24, Ted Hayes was arrested as he attempted to enter a public parkfor which he had already obtained a permit. "It's official," Hayes said, "Los Angeles has now been taken over by La Raza, and American citizens have no rights! We are living in Aztlan."

Before starting the march, Hayes gave a speech about civil rights saying, "I did not see no massive amount of Mexicans, Guatemalans, or El Salvadorans marching with us in the 1960's for our civil rights." And then he asked the crowd, "Did you see them?"

As Hayes and the anti-illegal immigration groups he was leading, Choose Black America and You Don't Speak for Me, were marching down the street, La Raza agitators and thugs ran past them, sending their children on to occupy Leimert Park where Hayes' group was supposed to assemble. Once the group arrived at the park, it was full of the children, and the La Raza adults were assembled around the perimeter, blocking the entrances. The police held Mr. Hayes and his group of at least 100 demonstrators on the sidewalks for 2 hours while deciding what to do.

The La Raza people threatened violence if Hayes and his group entered the park, and the police, claiming they did not want the children to be hurt, barred the group of demonstrators from the park for which they had previously obtained a permit for their assembly. Before he entered the park, Hayes said, "Our civil rights are being hijacked by citizens of foreign countries illegally within our state." Hayes and 4 other American citizens insisted upon entering the park, and were arrested for the misdemeanor crime of "unlawful assembly," although they possessed a lawful permit to use the park. Mr. Hayes says he is going to file a lawsuit against Los Angeles City for depriving him of his civil rights.

The principality of Los Angeles, located in the region known to Aztlaners as Alta California, has now been declared occupied territory. Now the government of Mexico and its puppet, Mayor Villaraigosa, are in charge of the City of Angels, an official "sanctuary" for illegal aliens.

Posted by Last Great Hope on SOS Forum:When I arrived there was a small mob of the same old anarcho-communist riff-raff awaiting. I approached from the goon side and the hostility was already in full swing. Watchdog was accosted by a goon who got physical. Cops interceded and orderded us across the street.

A few speeches were made and the march was on. The goons started to come out into the street after us but the cops held them at bay. We reached the intersection where the Leimert Park was to find it was completely overrrun with goonage. The goon mob had grown exponentially and it was clear that members of the Black community were joining the goons, probably out of sheer confusion as to why Ted Hayes was there. It was ugly, hostile and really brought home just how divided these communities are. We were outnumbered probably 5-1 and it soon became apparent the goons were not going to leave the park.

A standoff ensued, neither side budging and the cops not knowing what to do. Finally, despite having secured a permit, the cops flat out told us after nearly two hours of negotiating, that they would not clear the park for us. A commander later showed up and told us that the permit was being revoked because the goon mob threatened violence if we were allowed to enter.

Yes, that's right. Goons decided for the cops that we would be denied our right of free assembly. The LAPD has been completely DEFANGED by the Mayor of LA and Chief Bratton. If goons tell them they don't want American citizens in the park, then goons get what they want.

The cops CAPITULATED to a group of anarcho-commie racists because they threatened violence.

Yes, ití mob rule. The LAPD brass proved they have no courage.

Images and video are forthcoming. It was a fiasco.

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