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The Southern Poverty Law Center is at it again, sending two of its head schlemiels to kvetch at respected newsman Lou Dobbs for some allegedly inaccurate numbers about leprosy cases in the United States, some of which might be linked to illegal immigration. As usual, they are off the mark.

Lou gave them a sound spanking on his show (5-16-07) on CNN and they both looked like fussy little men fighting over the last bagel chip in the bag. The SPLC is an extreme left-wing "non-profit" organization which claims to monitor what it calls "hate groups," which is basically any group that doesnít agree with them. Notably, they do not monitor any LEFT-WING groups, or outright un-American Communist groups, perhaps because that would strike too close to home!. They claim to be a civil rights advocacy group, but they go out of their way to manufacture hate, extremism, and violence where there is none. Why? The more extreme and dangerous they can make any group seem, the more their left-wing donor base will give them!

For example, in my case, I was described as "A prominent anti-immigration leader," right after I burned the Mexican flag. I was no leader, even at that time, nor was I "prominent," and in point of fact, there were only about a dozen or so of us standing against the 15,000 illegal aliens! Nevertheless, we got some major headlines, and our story went international. We got nasty emails and death threats from people as far away as Mexico and Columbia! And we got 95% positive responses from Americans!

I guess I must have really scared the SPLC, as they then tried to frame me for urging Nazis to hurt illegal immigrants. Other organizations, such as Derechos Humanos, jumped on the bandwagon, accusing us of using "racial slurs" during the flag burning. In spite of the fact that Iíve never used a racial epithet in my life, both the SPLC and other extreme left-wing orgs persist in using the "racial slur" assertion in order to slander all our organizations. And letís not forget "vigilante!" Yes, we are judge, jury, and executioner, because we have the chutzpah to report illegal aliens wherever we find them!

There have been no prosecuted cases of any of the SPLC-named "vigilante" groups on the AZ border harming or threatening any illegal immigrants in the last 3 years. But I suppose thatís not good enough for them, because the facts contravene them whipping their donor base into a hysterical, frothing-at-the-mouth, shitting-in-their-pants, frenzy of fear.

Where was the SPLC, the great champion of civil rights, during the civil rights demonstrations of the 1960ís? Was its founder, Morris Dees, marching with his black brothers and sisters for their rights in the dangerous streets of the South? No, Mr. Dees was busy doing what he does best: making money! The purpose of the SPLC is to make money, not to assure that anyone gets their rights. If you take a look at their financial statement for fiscal year 2006, youíll find that they have close to $200 Million in net assets, yet they have spent only a paltry $1.4 Million on legal case expenses, and a niggardly $700,000 in investigative support, presumably on cases which might benefit victims! Their salaries alone for that year were $10 Million! They have so much money and so many lawyers on staff that everyone is afraid to go against them.

Lying for dollars is what the SPLC does best. Oh, yes, they use just enough truths in their articles to seem believable, but if the facts donít fit their biases, then they just make something up that will! For example, in their first article on me, Susy Buchanan and David Holthouse wrote that before the Minuteman Project I "invited [militiamen] to crawl through the woods in a ghille [sic] suit with sniper rifle [sic] on her private ranch in Cochise County, Arizona." You wonít find that on their only slightly cleaned-up version, "Going Lawless," because I refuted it, saying that there are no woods in the desert, which was where I was living at the time. But then I wouldnít expect some biased, lying-for-dollars yellow journalist in Montgomery, AL to know that.

The fact is that the SPLC has become exactly the kind of organization which it claims to decry: EXTREMIST. It is extremist in its lies, and extremist in its politics.

I never thought I could be called "hateful," "racist," or the "leader of a hate group," because those terms donít apply to me. But the leftist argument is so empty, the only thing they have to throw at us is "racist." Itís a term which gets them attention, which is the goal, as their arguments are mainly emotional and illogical. In other words, they resort to personal attacks because they have no other ammo.

I had no idea that Nativist groups would end up being called "hateful, extremist, or domestic terrorists" by mostly Jewish-controlled groups against which we have done nothing! The question which I think we need to ask of any Jewish groups, like the ADL, or similar groups run and funded primarily by liberal Jews, like the SPLC, is this: why do you support the interests of illegal aliens over the civil rights of American citizens? Instead of being constantly on the defensive, why canít we bring the fight to their front door, and ask them why illegals are more important to them than American sovereignty and the interests of the American people? If the illegals were in control of this country, the SPLC wouldnít be allowed to exist, because the only advocacy groups they want are La Raza.

Laine Lawless,
Director, Border Guardians

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