The SPLC Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995

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As a result of a grieving man seeking the truth about his brother’s death while in custody, some shocking evidence has been turned up about the SPLC’s undercover activities. Here is a short summary from an article first published in the Salt Lake City Tribune, April 17, 2006:

A Utah attorney alleges informants gathering information on Timothy McVeigh or his associates warned the FBI about the plot to bomb the Oklahoma City federal building, but the agency took no action to stop the 1995 attack.

In the brief, attorney Jesse Trentadue contends he has documented that at least SEVEN informants were involved with McVeigh and his associates. The informants were allegedly participating in sting operations targeting a white-supremacist compound in Oklahoma and a gang suspected of robbing banks to fund attacks on government buildings. McVeigh, who was executed in 2001, had links to both, Trentadue says.

He alleges that the sting involving the white-supremacist compound, a Christian Identity settlement in Adair County, Oklahoma, called Elohim City, was a joint operation by the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization based in Alabama. He claims there is evidence that the SPLC, which heard about the impending attack from the informants, warned the FBI.

Editor’s Note:

SPLC plants at Elohim City had prior knowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing. Why weren’t the employees at the Murrah Building warned?Why did only the FBI and the ATF employees not come to work that day?What did the Southern Poverty Law Center have to gain from the OKCbombing? After all, they had been trying to break the militia, and that event was the effective end for the militias, until recently. Some have speculated that the terrorist event was a great fund-raising vehicle for the Southern Poverty Law Center, as Morris Dees, the President and CEO-for-life, could then send out scary letters warning potential donors that the SPLC needed money to keep monitoring “hate groups” to “protect the public.” Coming soon to a neighborhood near you—a terrorist attack!

The complete article can be found at links below. It’s not that easy to find on the web, and it has not been widely reported in the mainstream media.

More information on the plants at Elohim city, Trentadue, and the information he’s uncovered:

A view of the cozy relationship the SPLC and the ADL have with the government: was the book by David Hoffman that was suddenly swept off bookstore shelves the moment it was published, by order of the fedgov. Hmmm...I wonder why? You will find The Oklahoma City Bombing andthe Politics of Terror in its entirety at