Two Killed, One Wounded in Arivaca

Almost 2 weeks later, Shawna Forde, Jason Bush, and Albert Gaxiola were arrested and charged with the murders.  While this has been reported in Arizona and Washington , it has not received much attention in the national media.  Shawna Forde is the director of Minuteman American Defense, which is located in Washington State , and which does border patrols along the Arizona-Mexico border.  According to the Pima County Sheriff, Jason Bush, an ex-convict who is wanted in 2 other states for other murders, has confessed to being the triggerman and has implicated Shawna Forde.

There have been 4 years of minuteman patrols with no crimes committed, and now the Open Borders Lobby’s media proclaims that they were right all along about the Minutemen being vigilantes!  If a trial reveals there were criminals amongst us, it doesn’t negate the value of the services provided to America by patriotic, law-abiding citizens aiding the Border Patrol by observing and reporting illegal aliens.  I’ve learned that every political movement will attract some of those who seek to exploit it for their own purposes.

Every year 10,000 Americans die by the hands of illegal aliens.  Yet we don’t see the kind of circus from the media that we are seeing around the killings in Arivaca.  Where’s the outrage over the needless deaths of all those Americans?  Why is the media focusing a searing laser beam of attention on an American Caucasian woman, Shawna Forde, when they won’t even acknowledge it as a “hate crime” when an illegal alien kills an American?

As a feminist, I can’t help but wonder why Shawna Forde has been singled out for an exceptional amount of slander from the media.  Could it be because she is a woman in a man’s world doing men’s work, patrolling the border?  I really wonder how far women have come in their quest for equality, considering the venom the media has poured out.  In fact, it is the extreme Left-wing press, a press which pretends to be on the side of women and “oppressed minorities,” which has been most vicious.  The media have made it their mission to convict her before she has even had a trial! 

Freedom of the press doesn’t mean the right to lie, or to convict someone who is legally presumed innocent before a trial which might be months away!  Does anyone remember Richard Jewel, the man accused of the Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta in 1996?  Many of you don’t know this, but he was the SECOND SUSPECT for that bombing.  The first two had airtight alibis, as they were spending the day with their families.  Jewel’s life was ruined by an FBI leak and scandalously irresponsible reporting.  Jewel later sued all the media outlets, and his employer, and won all his cases for defamation of character.  Wikipedia concludes:  “His case became a well-known example of the damage that can be done by reporting based on unreliable or incomplete information, and spurred the media to use "alleged" as a disclaimer more frequently.  He became a symbol of the tremendous damage done by reporting gone wrong.”  A word to the media:  beware the lawyers for those who are innocent—they will be reaching right into your deep pockets!

The position of Border Guardians is this:  we support the rule of Constitutional law for everyone, regardless of their political affiliations.

We cannot support any form of terrorism or criminal activities for any purpose, even when the perpetrator is our own government!  We do support the existence and lawful actions of Constitutional militias “being necessary to the security of a free state” as described in the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights, whether they be Minutemen, or neighborhood watch groups formed during a civil crisis or natural disaster.  Deprivation of civil rights while under color of law, murder, theft, and terrorist acts constitute unlawful and immoral actions.  Real militias do not perform home invasions and shoot the occupants.  The purpose of the militia is defensive--to defend the neighborhood, the state, and the country.  We will stand only with those who are righteous, and cast out those who are evil. 

We will withhold judgment until the public trial is completed, and we suggest to everyone else in the movement that they do the same.  Every American is entitled to a fair trial, and it is a certainty that no Minuteman will get a fair trial in Tucson or Pima County , though, as Mexico virtually owns that part of Arizona .  I hope the defense lawyers ask for a change of venue.  The publicity alone generated statewide from these crimes will prejudice the jury pool. 

Defender USA

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