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Eighteen national MCDC and state leaders sent Simcox, AlGarza, and Carmen Mercer a letter on May 8, 2007 demanding a meeting with himon May 19 to discuss mostly financial issues. On May 14, Simcox, et al responded with a threatening letter saying thenational leadership was already fired for having even thought of such a thing, they were unauthorized, and did not respect his authority.  This was in spite of them having thecourtesy to plan the meeting for Phoenix at a time when they knew he would bein town.  (Apparently, they hadn’ttalked to Joe McCutchen, who also planned a conference call in June of 2005,which Simcox didn’t attend.) Subsequently, all 18 people who signed the letter were fired, eventhough most of them were unpaid volunteers!

I suppose Simcox takes pride in being “a law unto himself,”but when the captain of a ship so vital to defending American sovereigntychooses to sink the entire ship, rather than be held accountable, it is timefor their supporters to question why. MCDC is associated with a public corporation, required to fileappropriate paperwork with the IRS, yet one can search the IRS website in vainfor their Form 990, although it is posted on their website.

There is no break in this pattern of pillaging, no relief,no financial truth or honesty.  It’sjust business as usual, and you can rest assured that while the public image ofMCDC may be tarnished, the Diener money machine is still in good working order,waiting like a hungry crocodile to snap up any dollars from unwary donors whowander into their camp.

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