The Mouse Roared and the Elephant Fainted! MAIA vs. MADD

Less than 10 days ago, I met with Michelle Dallacroce of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens.  She was hopping mad that MADD had sent her a letter ordering her to stop using the words “mothers against” for her organization.  MADD had sniffed that they “cannot permit the term "Mothers Against" to be used in such a manner since it creates a likelihood of confusion to the public as to any affiliation with Mothers AgainstDrunk Driving.”For years, I and others have wondered why MADD didn’t get on the illegal alien community (mostly Hispanic, particularly in the Southwest), and do something targetingthem to promote sober driving.  Prior to this conflict witha much smaller organization, MADD had statistics on theirown website showing that in Hispanic countries, men startdrinking as early as 12 years of age!Michelle and I sat together while she showed me page afterpage of MADD’s website with specifics on the incidenceof drunk driving for minority groups, broken down by race.She also showed me the names of their new board members,all of whom had Hispanic surnames.  “I think she’s reallygot them!” I remember thinking with glee.I went home and viewed a number of MADD web pageswhich specifically spoke to minorities and attempted to persuade them to stop drunken driving.  What was interest-ing was that, in classic liberal fashion, THEY DIDN’TBLAME THE DRUNK DRIVERS!  Instead they lumpedboth drivers and pedestrian/passenger fatalities together into one group:  “VICTIMS!”  Apparently, MADD seemsto think we shouldn’t BLAME the drunk drivers, but thatwe should pity them as “victims.”  This is a continuation of the Alcoholics Anonymous disease theory of alcoholismwhich claims that alcoholics are powerless to stop the progress of the “disease,” as if it were some kind of contagious virus they had contracted.  Yet the samehand that can consciously pick up a martini or a glassof wine can put the keys into the ignition of a car,start it, and drive away.MAIA issued a press release about the conflict,citing MADD’s own “diversity” pages as proof that they knew about the problems of illegal aliendrivers.  Yesterday, I looked at the MADD website,and it had been completely redesigned, with no minority drunk driver information!  Coincidence?You decide.  More info here: