Chris Simcox Calls Patriot a Prick

Some guy who apparently saw what was really happening down at the border asked MCDC for a refund of his $50 “background check” fee. Ever the diplomat, Dictator-for-life Chris Simcox called the guy and his friends pricks.

From: Chris Simcox
To: 'xxxxx'
Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007 4:29 PM
Subject: RE: Registered (certified?) letter never arrived

The check was sent overnight by UPS next day tomorrow, we had the original letter sent to you certified mail ,it was returned to us today because of a POST OFFICE mistake, I personally put it in next day UPS delivery, tracking number 1ZR3156W0113533301 it will be delivered to you before your 22 hour threat is up. What a joke. Now you can go back to hanging with your other prick friends, you are a joke and we are relieved that you did not make the cut to be a volunteer with MCDC, it's jerks like you who give the entire movement a bad name. Good riddance!
Chris Simcox

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