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The Propaganda of Lies and Deception

If you live on a steady diet of hate, this is what you will look like:
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Abbe Foxman, ADL
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Heidi Beirich, SPLC
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Mark Pitcavage, ADL
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Steve Lemons
Phoenix New Times

Who are these people? They are the hate-mongers of the Vast Left-wing Conspiracy! They spread hatred for mostly White, primarily Christian patriots. The way in which they are allowed to spread hatred for mainstream Americans and for Conservatives in general is shameful. They are nothing more than Communist propagandists, spreading lies and deception which give members of the Vast Left-wing Conspiracy license to hate any other Americans who do not conform to their version of political correctness. Beirich, a spokeswoman for the Southern “Poverty” Law Center in Montgomery, AL recently said on a local Phoenix internet talk show that an act of “domestic terrorism” is when someone does something violent against the government! This is a slip which indicates how SPLC works hand-in-glove with the government against The People to entrap any dissidents. What about a violent act against The People, Heidi? Or don’t we “little people” count? What about State-sponsored terrorism? Stalin murdered 80 million of his own people! By constantly running patriots’ names and close-up facial photos, often violating their copyrights to their own work, these filthy vultures have made it difficult for patriotic Americans to get jobs, socialize, network with other patriots, or, in fact, move in society with a normal degree of safety and security. It’s sad but true that many people believe what they read in the Red-run media. Recognize that whatever these scummy Left-wing propagandists write is for the sole purpose of fulfilling their pre-set political agenda to smear all of us! The next time you see one of these purveyors of the propaganda of lies and deception, make sure you tell them how you feel, and if they try to infiltrate your group, kick them out! They may write heinous lies about us, but there is no reason for any of us to help them do it. Deny them and any of their lame-stream media agents any form of contact with you.

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Two Killed, One Wounded in Arivaca

   In the early morning hours of May 30, 2009 , at least 3, and possibly as many as 5, intruders invaded a family’s home in Arivaca, a rural area of Arizona close to the Mexican border.  The Pima County Sheriff says they were after money and drugs and had planned to leave no one alive.  The father, Raul “Junior” Flores, and the daughter, Brisenia, were both shot to death.  The mother, Gina Marie Gonzalez, was wounded and survived by pretending she was dead.  If you listen to the 911 tape, you will hear her talking to the 911 operator when the intruders return a second time, and hear her returning fire on them during a gun battle.  Despite profuse bleeding and shock, Gonzalez managed to wound one of the intruders.

More here


The truth about 'hate crimes' 
and the racial justice racket



Open Borders Lobbyists beat effigy of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio,
beheading him!  Derechos Humanos spokesperson, Isabel Garcia, proudly carries his severed
head around with her, displaying it to the crowd, just like her Aztec ancestors displayed the 
heads of their victims.  more...

Laine Lawless, Director 
Border Guardians

Pima County Legal Defender, Isabel G. Garcia Claims that She is "the Target of A Corporate Media-Sponsored Campaign" to get Her Fired!

"You're not getting away with a lie this time!" counters Laine Lawless, Director of Border Guardians.  "Even before we burned the Mexican flag on April 10, 2006, in Tucson, a group of activists were comparing notes and wondering just when Garcia found time to perform the duties of her civil office, she was spending so much time doing press conferences and chairing meetings of Derechos Humanos and other Open Borders Lobby organizations.  Talk Radio host Jon Justice just noticed what we were doing and jumped on board."        more


MCDC Fence Donor Cries Fraud
and Asks for an Investigation!

The picture above is of Jim Campbell giving Chris Simcox of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps a big fat check for $100,000 to help MCDC build a border fence on private land in Arizona.  Mr. Campbell's odyssey with MCDC and his current lawsuit have been chronicled in our investigative report, The Neutering of the Minutemen.  Numerous sources have exposed the fence as a fraud, and Mr. Campbell is seeking the help of other donors who do not feel their money has been properly used to build what was called an "Israeli-style fence." Barbed wire for cattle containment has been strung, and it has been penetrated by illegal aliens repeatedly.  Here's a picture of some crossing through what is jeeringly called "the Simcox fence":

Glenn Spencer, of American Border Patrol, has repeatedly exposed this fraud

Many Senior citizens who are outraged about illegal immigration have given from their tiny pensions whatever amounts they could manage, and everyone is hopping mad about how their donations have been wasted and their resources have been abused.

Mr. Campbell needs the help of you fence donors.  He needs you to write to him (by snail mail) and tell how much you gave and on what date.  He is going to forward this information to the US Postal Inspector.  If someone solicits donations which are received by US mail, and which are not used for their intended purpose, then the recipient has committed mail fraud, which is a federal crime.  Will you help Jim Campbell get rid of these parasites in our movement?  We need patriots to stand up and help expose this for what it is--simple fraud.  CLICK HERE to fill out the form and send it in.

For more background on this, take a look at Mr. Campbell’s posts http://www.patriotscorner.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=28.

Drug Cartel Hitmen Invade Phoenix!

A “home invasion” in late June appears to be a hit ordered by a Mexican drug cartel on competitors in Phoenix, Arizona, using Mexicans with military experience in full combat gear.

Mexican Assassins


Miracle Valley Bible College, Minuteman HQ, Persecuted by Cochise County!

The former HQ of the April 2005 Minuteman Project is facing heavy fines for hosting the MMP. Here's what you can do to help. MORE!!

Simcox Steps In It Again!

"I admire the messages on your shirts,"
Simcox said to the protestors.
"No human is illegal, no oppression should be tolerated in our country."

"The natives are restless because of unchecked immigration," said Chris Simcox, president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. "When immigration is controlled, the natives have time to accommodate and the immigrants have time to assimilate. But the natives haven't had time to adjust."

Yet Simcox agreed with others that society cannot afford the kind of social friction that immigration debates create. "We're all victims of government failure -- in Arizona and in Washington, D.C.," he said. "We need a compromise. And I'm willing to lead that compromise."

Read More
And here



Find out the true agenda of the Open Borders Lobby (OBL). You will be shocked at how they twist, bend, and violate our laws! Our special undercover agent has gone to their meetings, and stripped them bare in these mind-blowing reports.

Patriots Attacked in California!

canoga_s.jpg - 30870 Bytes
La Raza has hurt more of our heroic patriots demonstrating in front of a Home Depot in Canoga Park, CA, on November 3, 2007. Thanks to www.campominutemen.org for the information.

Read More:




Another Illegal Kills An American

Erik Martinez

  Another American was killed by an illegal this week.  
Is it time to pull in the welcome mat for illegals and 
for cities to stop offering sanctuary to illegal aliens?

  read more



Officer Nick Erfle

Rising levels of violence, threats, and riot risks!

ALIPAC reports on Americans who have
been attacked with increasing frequency by La
Raza/Aztlan/Open Borders Lobby activists.

Read More.


Police spray protesters with tear gas at the SPP Montebello Summit in Canada; Quebec Police provocateurs exposed!

160_cp_marching_0708192canadaspp.jpg - 13449 Bytes 160_pepper_spray_police_070820canadaspp.jpg - 24687 Bytes 318383canadaspp.jpg - 39812 Bytes

read more

Los Angeles Civil Rights Activist Ted Hayes Arrested!

image002.jpg - 44303 Bytes image003.jpg - 16016 Bytes image004.jpg - 18390 Bytes
            Ted Hayes                                  The Opposition                          Choose Black America!

Photos courtesy of Borderwatch on SOS

American Citizens barred from entering a public park occupied by illegal aliens! Read More

Chris Simcox Calls Patriot a Prick!

Read More
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A $100,000 fence donor has filed a $1.2Million lawsuit for fraud:
Click here to read the press story.
CLICK HERE to read the text of the lawsuit

If you find this, or any of the information on this site, useful
and/or informative, please donate to the Border Guardians.

mmmutiny.gif - 1445 Bytes

A group of 18 state and national leaders of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has rebelled against Chris Simcox and his stone-walling of financial information, his empty promises of reimbursement of funds needed for expenses, and his unwillingness to communicate. This is at least the second time the Minutemen under his boot heel have mutinied. Click here for the full story.


The Media has been on a feeding frenzy attacking
Minuteman organizations, but they've barely scratched the 
surface.  Read the real story from the insiders:  a tale of 
intrigue, back-stabbing, corruption, and snitching to The Man.
Read more
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The Southern Poverty Law Center is busy dissecting minutiae again, instead of issues, and this time Lou Dobbs is their victim. We think they need a wake-up call! Various articles reveal the SPLC's true agendas, including their informants' roles in the Oklahoma City bombing, their foreknowledge of it, and their cozy relationship with the perpetrators and the FBI. Read on for a revealing look at their true agenda.

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Illegals Riot in Los Angeles!

Read More

Border Guardians’ Victories!

Small numbers of activists can be effective!  Here's how Border Guardians and some friends made a difference in Tucson, AZ where the rubber meets the road in illegal immigration.

No Amnesty—No Sanctuary—No Place to Hide

Read More!

How To Burn A Mexican Flag

The Documentary

"Informative, infuriating, educational, and provocative. If this DVD doesn’t leave you terrified--check your pulse.  Every American who loves truth, justice, and courage needs to see this documentary, and show it to everyone they can.  Please don't wait."

Kathy McKee, founder/Chairman
Protect Arizona NOW

Read more.

Latino American Prevents
Socialist Creep from burning US Flag!

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