Al Garcia, in How To Burn A Mexican Flag, said he wondered how Garcia could do her job, since she was never there. And I remember being asked by Roy Warden if I had kept track of the dates and times Garcia had held press conferences for Derechos Humanos. Many activists in Tucson have appealed to her “boss,” which appears to be the County Board of Supervisors, in vain. Apparently, she’s on her own, with no boss and no legal supervision. She’s been accused of illegally coaching witnesses in a bench trial designed to reach a pre-determined outcome. She’s been reported to the Pima County Bar Association for her antics, and still no one does anything. Now she has engaged in a public demonstration which involved the symbolic dismemberment of an elected public official. Why can’t she do this sort of thing to her buds, Janet Napolitano and Terry Goddard, whom she affectionately refers to by their first names? If she did, would people be just as upset? Maintaining a professional image is part of her job as the boss of the Legal Defender’s Office (same thing as Public Defender), and carrying a severed head as if she were an Aztec Princess doing a war dance just isn’t appropriate behavior for someone who makes $90,000 a year. Oh, and did you know it’s a violation of this law? (See Rule 7-119, and Rule 12)

Oh, and did you know that Isabel Garcia is also a citizen of Mexico, and that on December 11, 2006 that country honored her with its highest award for her “human rights” work She’s a dual-national, so is it any wonder that she doesn’t seem to have the best interests of America at heart? Is it appropriate to employ someone who is a citizen of a foreign nation in such a position of legal trust? I doubt it. Izzy has clearly chosen sides—and she doesn’t support the USA.

Take a look at her defense here:
Please note while perusing this website that its symbol is a map of AZTLAN. And that on the front page, they list the ADVERTISERS who they’ve “encouraged” to withdraw their ads from the radio station which is helping to publicize Garcia’s outrageous behavior. They don’t play nice, do they?

If you want to put the heat on the Pima County Officials who can fire Isabel Garcia, here are their contacts:

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry Contact Information:
(520) 740-8661
Pima County Board of Supervisors

130 West Congress Street, 11th Floor
Tucson, Arizona 85701

Receptionist - (520) 740-8126
Fax - (520) 884-1152

Ann Day, District 1
(520) 740-2738

Ramón Valadez, District 2
(520) 740-8126

Sharon Bronson, District 3
(520) 740-8051

Ray Carroll, District 4
(520) 740-8094

Richard Elías, Chairman, District 5
(520) 740-8126

If you believe a public official to have broken the criminal or ethical
laws- then please put it all in writing along with links or print outs
of your pictures, videos etc and send them to:

Fraud and Public Corruption Section
Office of the Arizona Attorney General
1275 W Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926


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