The Enablers


Enablers are all around us, helping irresponsible illegals evade theconsequences of their actions.


Years ago,when I had friends with serious substance

abuse problems(mostly alcoholism), I became aware of

AlcoholicsAnonymous, an organization which has helped

many withaddiction problems.  While I did not

entirelyendorse their creed and method of treatment,

I learned someinteresting things from AA.


There is atype of person which many alcoholics have

in their livescalled an "enabler."  AnEnabler is

someone whomakes it possible for the alcoholic to go

on drinkingwithout experiencing the negative

consequencesof his actions.  The Enabler is almost

always a lovedone, whether a spouse or a biological

relative.  The Enabler makes excuses for the

alcoholic, andhelps him cover up his behavior.  She

phones in towork and tells them that he is "sick"

when he reallyhas a horrific hangover and is spending

most of histime vomiting with his head over the

porcelainbowl.  She tells the kids that daddy'snot

well, he justhad an accident, when he comes home so

drunk that hefalls down and pees his pants.  When the

alcoholicbehaves badly in public, the Enabler tells

others thatshe's just "under a lot of stress." An

Enabler goesaround the house putting away liquor

bottles,helping the secret drinker stay secret. The

Enablerforgives the alcoholic most of her

indiscretionswhile enabling her to engage in even

moreoutrageous behavior.


In otherwords, Enablers help alcoholics to avoid, for

a period oftime, taking responsibility for the

naturalconsequences of their own actions. Enablers

serve as abuffer between the alcoholic and the

outside world;they keep alcoholics from falling in

the gutter,which AA claims is the eventual result of

the "disease"they call alcoholism.  According to AA,

many, if notmost, alcoholics have to literally end up

in the gutter,to have their lives become a complete

disaster,before they are willing to stop drinking and

makesubstantial changes.


There are manyEnablers among us.  Some masquerade as

do-gooders,and think they are helping the "less

fortunate."  The Enablers among us love to help those

poor,down-trodden huddled masses of the third world

impoverishedyearning to breathe free and to achieve

the Americandream, whether by hook or by crook. They

help illegalaliens who have broken our laws by

trespassinginto our country!


Whether theEnablers are county health workers,

policemen,churches providing sanctuary, welfare case

workershelping illegals sign up for welfare, La Raza,

MALDEF, oryour neighbor who hires Jose to do his

gardening,they are sticking a knife in the back of

every AmericanCitizen, for they are enabling illegal

aliens toavoid the negative consequences of being

illegallypresent in the United States.  Without a

supportnetwork and willing employers, illegal aliens

would notsurvive in the United States, and they would

go back totheir native countries.  Without thehelp

of Enablers,it would no longer PAY to be in the U.S.


At what point doessuch help cease to become

"enabling"and become aiding and abetting?  Americais

so overrunwith illegal aliens that they are like an

every-daydisease that has become an epidemic. And

with Enablerslike Christian Peacemakers, No More

Deaths, andHumane Borders, just to name a few, and

thelaissez-faire interior enforcement policy of

ICE, anillegal is virtually assured that he will be

able to stayin the United States as long as he wants.


The Enablersensure than an illegal alien will not

have to faceup to the consequences of his actions;

the cop wholets someone he KNOWS is illegal get off

with acitation for a traffic offense, rather than a

jailing, isequally guilty of Enabling.  Look atthese

paraphrasedexcerpts of the Federal Immigration and

NationalityAct Section 8 USC 1324

(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)of 1996:


State and local lawenforcement officials have the

general power to investigateand arrest violators of

federal immigration statuteswithout prior INS

knowledge or approval, aslong as they are authorized

to do so by state law.  There is "no extant federal

limitation" on thisauthority.


The 1996 immigration controllegislation passed

by Congress was intended toencourage states

and local agencies toparticipate in

the process of enforcingfederal immigration laws.

Immigration officers andlocal law enforcement

officers may detain anindividual for a brief

warrant-less interrogationwhere circumstances create

a reasonable suspicion thatthe individual is

illegally present in theU.S.  Specific facts

constituting a reasonablesuspicion include evasive,

nervous or erratic behavior,dress or speech

indicating foreigncitizenship, and presence in an

area known to contain aconcentration of illegal



This sectionencourages local law enforcement to work

with federalCBP and ICE in apprehending illegal

aliens!  Any law enforcement officer who is still

followingSpecial Order 40, which prohibits local law

enforcementfrom taking any substantive efforts

againstillegal aliens, is guilty of aiding and



I wonder, dothose who Enable (aid, abet, and harbor)

illegal aliensknow that not all of them are "poor?"

For example,many illegals now pay smugglers between

$1,500-$2,500to get them across the border.  I don't

know aboutyou, but it hurts me greatly to get up a

few hundreddollars just for car repairs, and

sometimes I'mnot sure if I can pay rent when my car

isbroken.  Where do "poor"people get over $1,000 to

pay asmuggler?  Who did they rob?  Middle Eastern men

are known topay $50,000 to be smuggled into this

country, andanyone who has that kind of money isn't

going to beworking as a common laborer.


In spite ofthe dangers, we are a nation of Enablers.

It startedwith discouraging people to take

responsibilityfor their own actions, with liberals

encouragingthe lesser-fortunate to blame society,

circumstances,their parents, etc., for the

consequencesof their own actions.  Somehow or

another, theywent bad because "we" failed them.

We forced themto take drugs, we forced them to be

self-destructive,and we forced them to be violent.

It wasn'ttheir fault, cry the Enablers.


The Enablers(usually liberals), can feel superior to

those whomthey serve, and the high they get from

helping those"less fortunate" can become an end in

itself.  They feel so noble and good, they want to do

it again andagain!  Yet do they live among thosewhom

theyserve?  I don't see any Caucasianliberals living

in thebarrios.  No, they don't want toassociate with

the riff-raffthat they serve when they are off-duty--they

all live inthe hills, or in gated communities, where

there isperfect homogeneity.  And so it is inMexico,

where theCastilian descendants of the Conquistadors,

like VicenteFox, live in walled-in splendor, while

thedarker-skinned majority of natives and Mestizos

live in abjectpoverty.  Where are the social workers



There arewhole industries built around the concept of

Enabling:grant-writing, NGO's (non-governmental

organizations),the non-profit sector, "public"

healthcare,gimmicks to get more government handouts,

survey-taking,phony results reports, all run by

endlesspaperwork.  We, as a society, have beentaken

over by theEnablers.  Acting as an Enabler hasbecome

the drug ofchoice for liberal do-gooders.  Once a

person has anEnabler going to bat for him, he need

never takeresponsibility for himself and his own



The people whostaff the illegal alien aid stations

think they arehelping poor people who are desperate

andneedy.  I wonder if they know they arecommitting

felonies?  Again, from the Federal Immigration and



It is a violation of law forany person to conceal,

harbor, or shield fromdetection in any place,

including any building ormeans of transportation, any

alien who is in the UnitedStates in violation of law.

 Harboring means any conduct that tends to

substantially facilitate analien to remain in the

U.S. illegally.  The sheltering need not be

clandestine, and harboringcovers aliens arrested

outdoors, as well as in abuilding.  This provision

includes harboring an alienwho entered the U.S.

legally, but has since losthis legal status.


Convictionsfor aiding, abetting, or conspiracy to

commit aliensmuggling or harboring, carry penalties

of up to a maximumof 5, 10, and 20 years to life in

prison ifsomeone was hurt or killed.  Conspiracyto

commit thecrimes of sheltering, harboring, or

employingillegal aliens is a separate federal offense

punishable bya fine of up to $10,000 or five years

imprisonment.  Sentences for each count may run

consecutivelyrather than concurrently.


Why aren't ourfederal officials arresting these

people forharboring and sheltering?  Some of them

actuallytransport the illegals to Tucson and give

them shelterin their homes or churches.  [See the

article herecalled "No Illegal Alien Left Behind"].

Doesn't thatmeet the definition of

aiding/abetting/harboring?  No, instead the OBL (Open

Borders Lobby)bleats about the aliens' "civil

rights,"not OURS, and local law enforcement, with few

exceptions,dances to their tune, deterring honest

Americancitizens from trying to keep their country

safe frominvaders.


I propose anew name for the Open Borders Lobby. I'm

going to startcalling them the HABEs.  That's short

for Harboring-Aiding-aBetting-Enablers.  That's

exactly whatthey are:

Harboring-Aiding-aBetting-Enablers.  That applies to

everyone inthe immigration industry who is working to

enable illegalaliens to stay in the United States. 


I have aquestion for the HABEs:  if you lovethese

illegal aliensso much, why don't you go to THEIR

countries, anduse your business skills to help them

survive, andeven thrive, in their native land?  I

know why.  It might inconvenience the HABEs.  They'd

rather turnAmerica upside-down than risk a bout of

diarrhea in athird world country.