Why do we have burning Nazi rainbow flags over these guys’ heads? Because they are the thought police, and they behave exactly like historical Nazis, while claiming to represent the interests of various minority groups, hence the rainbow flag. The unfortunate thing is that we patriotic Americans have become their Jews, their scapegoats. They wish to suppress free thought, to disarm and silence us, to keep us from speaking out, from cooperating, and from accomplishing anything for American citizens, or from defending American sovereignty. They take the part of the illegal foreign invaders on our soil, labeling all of us “racists,” “Nativists” (in a pejorative way), and “White Supremacists,” even though many of us have mixed blood, and some of our most ardent supporters are Native Americans. Their tactic is the personal attack, smearing us with the most outrageous claims; never addressing the issues. They refer to us as “domestic terrorists!” And so, we reward them with the Rainbow Nazi Flag!