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Border Guardians Press Release


September 22, 2007


Another Illegal Kills an American


On September 18, 2007, Phoenix Police Officer Nick Erfle was murdered by a Mexican illegal alien.  Details of the shooting have emerged very slowly, in bits and pieces.  Erfle had just survived a battle with testicular cancer.


He and his partner had stopped 3 people who were jaywalking, and interfering with heavy morning traffic.  As he ran a check on the name given by the perpetrator, he turned up a misdemeanor warrant.  As he tried to arrest Erik Martinez, Martinez pulled out a gun and shot Erfle in the face 3 times.  Officer Erfle was declared dead at the hospital.


Martinez ran away and car-jacked a motorist, forcing him to drive away from the scene of the crime.  Phoenix Police caught up with him later, and when Martinez pointed his gun at his hostage, police fired one bullet at him, shattering the car’s window, and killing the murderer.


Martinez was a child when he was brought illegally to America, and he had a long history of arrests and gang affiliations.  He had been deported once, and had re-entered the country within days.  Word on the street is that many gang members are “made” when they kill a policeman, and Martinez shot the officer gang-execution style in the head.  He meant to kill him.  Everyone knows that police officers wear body armor which protects their upper torso, so the surest way to kill them is to shoot them in the head. 


Elias Bermudez, “immigrant rights advocate” in Phoenix, lost no time holding a vigil at the scene of the crime, saying this type of crime hurts the immigrant community, which he also described as “victimized” by this type of crime.  Nativists are preparing to jump on this to create a PR cause celebre, and it appears that the policemen’s union, PLEA, has finally had enough.


The sad fact is that a man is dead; a man, who by all accounts, was an exemplary police officer who served his community so well that he had over 50 commendations in his file.

Even sadder are the 25 “civilian” Americans who are killed EVERY DAY by the actions of illegal aliens.  Officer Erfle is a symbol of all those Americans.


Who is to blame, we ask?  Phil Gordon, the Mayor of Phoenix, who keeps the official sanctuary policy in force?  Or are the police officers who routinely let unlicensed and uninsured illegals go free?  Is the federal government to blame for not providing a secure border, as the Constitution specifies?  I wonder, have any of our civil rights been violated by their actions?


Border Guardians ask:  how many more Americans will have to die before we can be safe in our own country?


The more inhospitable we make our cities and states, the fewer illegals will be drawn to them.  We can no longer tolerate “sanctuary city” policies.  We demand that every city, every mayor, and every city council, withdraw the welcome mat for illegal aliens.  We will start with Phoenix, at the City Council meeting on the afternoon of October 3.  Will you join us to speak your mind, to just say no to illegals?


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