Border Guardians’ Victories!

Small numbers of activists can be effective!  Here's how Border Guardians and some friends made a difference in Tucson, AZ where the rubber meets the road in illegal immigration.

No Amnesty—No Sanctuary—No Place to Hide



I know that sometimes the numbers of those who oppose us seem overwhelming, but I have some encouraging news for you. We are making progress in combating our home-grown traitors. I want to share some victories with you.


Let me tell you a short story of what a determined group of activists can do. In July of 2004, I attended a training meeting of No More Deaths held at a church in Bisbee, where I learned that they give illegal aliens crossing the border a free ride to Tucson or the nearest town if they have just a scratch on their leg, blisters on their feet, or are tired and need a “respite.” I further learned that every person in the group knows someone, a “friend,” who will help these poor illegal aliens with money, further transportation, or communications. I was truly shocked by what I heard! I subsequently wrote a story for the Tombstone Tumbleweed which attracted quite a bit of attention. After that, being in possession of a map to some of their “aid stations,” I went to look for one of them in Douglas, only to find out that they had moved it. Was that a coincidence?


Next, some Border Guardians went out to the dedication ceremony of the Ark of the Covenant in Arivaca in June of 2005. I ran into KOLD-TV reporter JD Wallace, where I predicted that No More Deaths would be using “humanitarian aid” as a cover for transporting illegal aliens, and I said Border Guardians would be shadowing the operation 24 hours a day until it was shut down. The Border Guardians website published directions to the location, along with phone numbers of the principal players, given to us by our agent inside. Less than one month later, American traitors Shanti Sellz and Daniel Strauss, No More Deaths enablers, were busted by the Border Patrol for transporting illegal aliens to Tucson. Coincidence?


In September last year, Border Guardians attended a meeting of a Coalition for Migrant Rights in Phoenix where ACLU activist Ray Ybarra showed the “rough cut” of his documentary of the Minuteman Project called “Rights on the Line.” Near the end, there is a scene where JT Ready is on stage with a sign saying Terrorism Stops Here, and after he finishes speaking, chants of “White Power” are heard off-screen. I had attended the July 1st rally at which this was filmed, and I never heard that sort of thing after his speech. I reviewed video taken by another activist, and heard only clapping and cheers of approval after Mr. Ready spoke. I reported this “creative editing” in “Open Borders Lobby Running Scared” on, and subsequent copies of Ybarra’s DVD documentary had no chants of White Power on them. Coincidence?


In February of this year, Mauricio Farah, inspector for the National Human Rights Commission of Mexico came to the University of Arizona to talk about Migration—Our Shared Responsibility. Some introductory remarks were made in English, and then Farah started speaking in Spanish! A number of activists were present, and we strenuously objected to the meeting being held in only Spanish when it was taking place in an American, tax-payer-funded institution. We demanded that a translator be providedfor us. The Mexicans played spoiled sport and cancelled the meeting. That was one cozy little meeting the incestuous Open Borders Lobby and the Mexican government never got to finish. The president of the university apologized to the Mexican government officials for OUR behavior and then retired from office. Farah hasn’t been back since. Coincidence?


Meanwhile, Sellz and Strauss’ lawyers have tried every way possible to get their clients off the hook, and they are still going to trial on October 7th. No More Deaths has said in strategy sessions that they just do not have the resources to defend anyone else from another arrest. On May 22, Margo Cowan, legal counsel (and also a Pima County employee), stated that NMD does not want to risk any more arrests this summer, and they will do no more transporting of illegal aliens. Coincidence?


In this political twilight zone in Tucson, there are no coincidences. We’ve put the pressure on the Open Borders Lobby, and they are feeling the heat! A small group of activists has made a difference by doing what I encouraged everyone to do many months ago: to confront the Open Borders Lobby! In Tucson, the OPEN BORDERS LOBBY has stood unopposed. We American citizens say NO MORE, to No More Deaths-- not one more lie, not one more death of an American citizen from illegal aliens!


No more will we allow our borders to be open, to admit anyone and everyone who desires a better lifestyle, to any criminal who wants more women to rape, more children to exploit, more undocumented workers to enslave, more drugs to sell, and more gringos to kill or infect with a primitive disease. No mas muertes—no more American deaths!


Americans say: death to the dictatorship of the proletariat and open, undefended borders! The politically correct left wing will destroy our borders, our sovereignty, our culture, our individuality and our civil rights as American citizens. This is the dawn of the New American Civil Rights Movement, as American citizens regain rights we have been systematically denied: the right to control our own borders, the right to enjoy our private property, the right to hold HONEST elections without voter fraud, and the right to free speech and an honest press.


Open Borders Lobby, Brown Nazis, Mexican imperialists, and corrupt politicians, the citizens of America have a message for you: you are going down! Once your corruption and double-dealing have been exposed, there will be no amnesty for you, no sanctuary, and no place to hide. We will confront your evil everywhere we find it, and we will see that you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Our border belongs to us, to the People of the United States, and we will not have our foreign and immigration policies dictated to us by any foreign nation, any corporations, or by the fifth columnists within. America is sovereign, and will stay sovereign.

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