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Border Guardians accepts donations for the purposes of maintaining and growing our website and supplying field and office operations. Our wish list includes: digital tape recorders, microphones, digital still and video cameras, 2-way radios, cell phones, a lawyer on retainer, a techie to repair and maintain our computer, a club cab 4x4 truck or SUV (new or used), a competent mechanic, and money for gas. All our painstaking research takes time and money, just like any worthwhile endeavor. Did you enjoy reading our revealing reports? Border Guardians will give you the insider's scoop on the movement like no one else will. If you enjoy knowing what's really going on, please consider donating to us, to help keep this public service going. Our reports are free on the internet and anything we sell in the future will benefit only Border Guardians. Unlike many non-profit organizations, we will offer a quarterly accounting to our supporters of where your money goes. Click the PayPal logo in the left column to donate via credit card or PayPal account. Send checks to:

Border Guardians
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