How To Burn A Mexican Flag

The Documentary

How to burn a Mexican Flag

On April 10, 12 brave American patriots faced off with 15,000 angry illegal aliens and their supporters in Tucson Arizona, and successfully burned 2 Mexican flags as a protest to defend American sovereignty.  The news of this went around the world and became international in scope, greatly disturbing the Mexican government, the Open Borders Lobby, and some of the Mexican people, both in Mexico and in the United States.

While the news showed you only a small portion of the story, the entire action took over 3 hours, and included speeches by the patriots and a near-riot at the end.  Now you can view video footage never seen before and get the REAL STORY of what happened that day!

Hear the speeches by Border Guardians!

See 3 Mexican flags burn!

Feel the anger of the crowd as we burned their precious flag!

Hear what the flag burning participants had to say about their experiences!

See proof of the Open Borders Lobby lies!

Understand the far-reaching consequences for the participants!

See the censored news footage the OBL didn’t want you to see as illegals rampage and brutalize the police!

Laugh at the irony!

Make no mistake about it:  this is the film that will blow the lid off the lies and deception of the Open Borders Lobby!  How To Burn A Mexican Flag is a powerful statement by American patriots striking a blow in defense of American sovereignty!  Everyone, including our enemies, will be talking about this film!  Don’t get left out—get your copy today!

How To Burn A Mexican Flag  DVD --  $14.99 each postpaid.

Running Time:  1 Hour, 29 minutes

$14.99 for the standard copy.

$25.00 for the autographed edition.